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The YBA Warriors Basketball Team, is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) , we are seeking donations and sponsors to support our boys AAU basketball teams.  The team consists of players from area elementary, middle, and High Schools within the Greater Houston area.  The YBA Warriors are composed of a group of committed coaches and parents, working together to support our young athletes. The coaches and parents volunteer their time and maintain a high level of professionalism and respect in the local and the AAU community.  Because we are a small organization who relies solely on volunteers, acquiring donations and having fundraisers is necessary to pay for tournament/league registration fees, costs associated with maintaining a practice facility, equipment, insurance, travel expenses, awards, and officials.

Our organization is geared to provide an outlet of healthy activity and training under good positive leadership.  The organization is also committed to helping players become great leaders within their community.  Our coaches are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of basketball on an AAU level.  We believe in dedicated and disciplined players.  AAU basketball is a highly recognized union where a child is more likely to be recognized by colleges and professional organizations at an early age, preparing them for possible future scholarships.  Many of our players have become very well known in the AAU community as well as our local community.  Our team has won several championships in tournaments and leagues around the city of Houston and surrounding areas.


 Your donation and/or sponsorship will help cover these costs and allow our program to continue without pause.  Any donation you are able to give to our team is both welcome and appreciated.

Thank you

YBA Warriors Family

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 The ultimate goal of the YBA is provide the exposure and resources needed for young basketball players to excel in the game and reach their highest playing potential.